Oksana Salminen Story

Oksana Salminen is a professional artist, raised in Estonia, and currently lives and works between Finland and Estonia.

Fond of painting since childhood, at ten Oksana became one of the school art contest winners with her black and white ink landscape painting. She was enrolled at Tallinn Art School after taking an exam in painting. Oksana's early works successfully participated in many art school exhibitions during her four years of study.
After school, Oksana was pursuing a full-time career in the financial area after studying finances and holding a master’s degree in law and later in psychology. For all these years art has been always in her mind and her interest in it never faded and later Oksana attended the Fine Arts faculty at the University of Arts.

Oksana loves to travel and explore different cultures and countries. Traveling brings her a lot of positive emotions and inspiration. Historical places, art museums, and beautiful landscapes in different countries make great impressions and influence many of her artworks.

Being the daughter of the Captain of sea vessels, her childhood was connected with the sea and a special place in her heart and creativity is given to seascapes, ocean beautiful views, and romantic sea coasts.

You will also find echoes of Estonian historical cities and Finnish spectacular landscapes, forests, and beautiful lakes in most of Oksana’s paintings. 

In Oksana's own words:
"There are wars, famines droughts, injustice everywhere....I paint not to ignore the world, but when I go back into my house - my safe and beautiful place - I want to paint and be surrounded by simple enjoyment, positivity, and brightness and to feel safe and content.
With my art, I try to make our world a little bit more beautiful, kinder, brighter place and to bring some more joy and elegance to our lives.
I create my paintings with positive energy and try to pass it over to canvas, try to make my paintings full of life, light, and inspiring energy."

Oksana's favorite mediums are oil, watercolor, and soft pastels, also she loves to use in her works acrylic and mixed media. Oksana’s paintings are in realism with a touch of abstraction.
Oksana is married to Harri Salminen and gets a lot of positive energy from their family with now adult children. Having three beautiful daughters, Oksana loves to depict them in her paintings.

Oksana Salminen's paintings can be found  in private collections in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

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